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At Puma Property we know that the overall appearance and presentation of your building directly reflects the quality of the environment of its occupants.  With that in mind we have developed strategic cleaning programs to create greater presentation for property and greater asset performance.

Strata Cleaning & Building Services

We look after everything from small strata buildings to large strata and community title schemes. This is what we do and we do it well.  Our staff are all highly trained.  

Request a quotation

To organise a quotation simply call Arthur Kanakis the managing director on 0404 260 638 to arrange a quotation.


Alternatively you can email drew at

Our clients

Our clients range from strata managers to property managers and commercial proeprty owners who seek our comprehensive services.


We can take care of all your strata cleaning, garden maintenance and building related cleaning and repairs work. It's what we do and we do it well!

We've gone green...

We have changed the way we approach our business with a view to doing our small part to help the environment and protect those within it.


No longer do we use harsh chemicals unless necessary.  Most of our products sourced are environmentally friendly.  


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